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Sprite Backup 6.5 - Restore Your Data

This section of the User Guide will lead you through the steps to perform a restore operation. Sprite Backup allows you to restore from internal storage such as SD Card, Main Memory, PC and FTP. Only Sprite Backup Full users are able to use the PC and FTP functions. To initiate a restore operation from the PC, please view the Restoring from PC section of this guide.

1.Select Backup File

  • Open Sprite Backup. If you are opening Sprite Backup from an executable backup you will automatically load the Restore Data Selection screen, bypassing the Sprite Backup Main screen.
  • From the Sprite Backup Main Screen, select Restore to continue with the operation.
  • Sprite Backup will search for all available backup files and display the Open Screen.
  • From the Open Screen, select the location from the drop down list. For PC and FTP locations you must have an Activesync or Network connection active.
  • After selecting the location you can select the backup file that you wish to restore from.
  • Once you have selected the backup file, press the Next button to continue with the operation

2. Restore Data Selectiontest

  • From the Restore Data Selection screen you can customize the restore operation. You can add/remove items by simply enabling the check boxes.
  • Press the Next button to continue with the operation. Before initiating the restore operation Sprite Backup will perform a soft reset.
  • After the soft reset the Restore Progress screen will be displayed.

3. Complete Restore

  • Do not open any other applications or perform any task on the device while the restore operation is being performed.
  • When the operation is completed the device will soft reset and the restore operation notification will be displayed.
  • Select View Report to view the operation report or OK to close the notification message.

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