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Sprite Backup 6.5 - Getting Started

Installing Sprite Backup

This section of the User Guide will lead you through the steps to install Sprite Backup. Please follow the instructions below:

1.    If you are upgrading to the latest version, you must un-install previous Sprite Backup installations.
2.    Place your device in the cradle and establish an ActiveSync partnership (either Standard or Guest).
3.    Run the downloaded installer, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Authorising Sprite Backup

You can authorize Sprite Backup from your PC or from your Mobile Device.

Authorizing from the Device
1.    Open Sprite Backup.
2.    Select Options.

Authorizing Sprite Backup from your PC
To access the authorize screen, select Authorize from the PC Manager Menu.

Using the 1Step Backup Option

From the Main Screen of Sprite Backup you can access the applications most useful areas. The 1 Step Backup feature of Sprite Backup simplifies the backup operation by reducing the steps required to perform a backup. Once you have performed a backup, Sprite Backup will automatically remember your preferences so next time that you wish to perform a manual backup you can do it by selecting just one tab.

1. To use 1Step Backup simply press the “Backup” button on your device to automatically start the backup operation.
2. After the Soft Reset, the Progress Screen will display the backup progress.
3. When the backup is completed a notification message will appear on the screen. Press the View Report to view the Backup Report or OK to close the notification message.

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