Sprite Terminator - Version History

Support: Sprite Terminator

Release History:

Current version of Sprite Terminator is 1.1.
We recommend that you update to this version which can be downloaded from here: Sprite Terminator 1.1

Sprite Terminator 1.1

  • GPS location, with map links.
  • Easier partnering from your contacts list.
  • New remote unlock and password change commands.

Sprite Terminator 1.1.166

  • Added support for delayed IMSI registration, stops lockdown on soft resets/poweroff.
  • Sprite can be used as uninstall password if Terminator is running in Trialware mode.
  • Added support for ()-<> in contacts defined by some carriers.
  • Increased GPS readings timeout to up to 90 minutes for SMS requests, and 30 seconds for the Test button.

Sprite Terminator 1.1.147

  • Added remote Unlock command, syntax Spritecmd “password” unlock.
  • Added remote Change Password command, syntax Spritecmd “oldpassword” password “newpassword”.
  • Queries now detail the cell tower ID, and the phones signal strength.

Sprite Terminator 1.0.143

  • Added Virtual Earth option, or Google Maps your choice.
  • Low level NMEA parser, tick box in case the built in GPS Microsoft Api isn’t available/functioning.

Sprite Terminaor 1.0.138

  • GPS Support, syntax Spritecmd “password” gps.
  • Partnered phones, are selected from your contacts now.
  • You can turn on an option to allow any phone, with correct password to send commands. Including Web SMS gateways.
  • A fix where if your partnered phone was in your contacts messages didn’t send for some carriers.

Sprite Terminator 1.0.108

  • Support for partnered mobile numbers, without international SMS format. Simply remove the “+”, and enter numbers.

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