Don’t let your Private data become PUBLIC! Locate and protect your mobile device in the event of theft or loss

Product Overview

It is reported that up to as many as 1/3 of all mobile devices are lost or stolen each year. Having personal or corporate data on your smartphone risks leaking you confidential information. Do you really want your private data, or your employers data - sms, contacts, documents etc exposed?

How can Terminator secure your device & data?

  • Find your lost phone- Use GPS to see exactly where your phone is and track it.
  • Lost or stolen Phone - Remotely lock, or wipe your data.
  • Wipe your phone clean - Don’t risk data leaks and embarrassment, Terminator removes all your data so you can sell or decommission your new phone.

Terminator Features

  • Locate your phone using GPS – See exactly where your phone is and track it via Google Maps, or Virtual Earth.
  • Set and Forget - Once configured, Sprite Terminator is unobtrusive and can only be uninstalled with the correct password.
  • Remote Delete - Send an SMS message to initiate the wipe operation including all external storage cards.

Screenshot Gallery

  • Remote Lock-Down - Send an SMS message to lock all functionality or re-set the device master password.
  • SIM Change Alert - Receive a notification SMS message if the SIM card has been changed.
  • Activity Retrieval - Send an SMS message to retrieve call log entries
  • Supports all Windows Mobile 5, 6 and 6.1 Phones

Try Sprite Terminator

Still not sure if Sprite Terminator provides all features you need to secure your data? Just try it for 10 days and see from there.

  Download Terminator CAB
Version: 1.2.0
Languages: English
Requirements: WM5, WM6/6.1

Virutal Mobile

Secure your mobile device and its data online in your own Virtual Mobile vault.

Power Pack

The combined power of Sprite Backups data protection, and Sprite Terminators device protection in one discounted package!