Sprite Clone Case Study

SPAWAR Systems Center Charleston

SPAWAR SYSTEMS CENTER reduces Windows Mobile deployment time and ensures device consistency on 4000+ PDA's with the selection of Sprite Mobile Clone.


Data Protection and Management is an ongoing goal for any company. But when critical corporate data resides on mobile devices, the task of deploying a common software baseline across these devices can be a challenging task. For the Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) Systems Center in Charlestown South Carolina, deploying and securing 4000+ Windows Mobile 2002, 2003 SE, and Windows CE devices needed a special solution.


The SPAWAR IT teams needed a solution to ensure that mission critical data and applications could be quickly and consistently deployed to two sets of rugged Windows Mobile PDAs serving US Military personnel in the fi eld of combat. Both devices, a medical information manager for use in triage centers and a tactical position location device for the Marines, needed a solution by which to quickly deploy and restore approved system confi gurations in a consistent, repeatable manner.


Familiar with the Ghost product for deploying desktop and laptop devices, the SPAWAR IT team decided to pilot Sprite Clone based on the company’s reputation as the original Ghost developers. After a sucessful pilot, SPAWAR purchased 4000+ licenses and were able to deploy both military issue PDAs in record time.