Sprite Clone Case Study


Microsoft saw an opportunity to provide consumers with an interactive hands-on demonstration experience of Windows Mobile capabilities at retail stores. It chose Sprite Clone to ensure that the demo content on the units stayed intact and that settings would be maintained or automatically reset. The solution ensured that the devices were refreshed automatically without any intervention from store staff or Microsoft reps. This reduced staff training and ensured that consumers had the best possible experience of the power of Windows Mobile.


Microsoft have transformed the way that their Windows Mobile devices are displayed and marketed at retail stores. In a multi-pronged project, involving store fixture manufacturers, device manufacturers, creative agencies, writers and training experts, they have delivered a dynamic interactive experience to consumers in over 500 Staples, Best Buys and other retail stores throughout the United States.


Microsoft Mobile Embedded Devices channel marketing team embarked on a project to transform the way Windows Mobile devices were displayed and marketed at retail stores. This was a multipronged project, involving store fixture manufacturers, device manufacturers, creative agencies, writers and training experts. While Microsoft could design great interactive demos and fixtures to display devices, create elaborate training programs and field a 230-person team of trained representatives during the holiday period, there was still one key component missing. Although the displays would be powered and the devices set up upon installation, Microsoft had no way of ensuring that the demo content on the device would stay intact, and that the settings would be maintained.


Microsoft turned to Sprite Software, already well-known to them for their Sprite Clone software, which allows multiple Pocket PC devices to be deployed based on a single master setup. We thought that would make an excellent basis for the project, but we needed some automatic features that would allow scheduled restore from a memory card installed in the display device. The team at Sprite were incredibly responsive to our needs and provided a tailored version of Sprite Clone in just a few weeks.

“Today, our auto demo program for Windows Mobile devices is still in place, and in fact one of the very first sample kiosks to be created is on display here at Microsoft, still functioning with their Sprite-powered auto restore software more than two years later. No human intervention has taken place in that time.“ Jeff McKean, Product Manager, Microsoft Embedded Devices