A lite version of Sprite Backup, great protection at a special price allowing you to save 33% on the cost of the full edition.

Product Overview

Sprite Backup Lite is offered for 33% less than standard Sprite Backup, without the functions for managing Backups from your PC.


  • Full Backup
  • Supports ALL WM5, 6 & 6.1 Devices
  • Exclusive 1step Backup
  • Move your data with Recovery Mode
  • Support for WM6 Storage Card encryption
  • Full, Custom Backup and Restore operations
  • Self-Extracting Backup Files
  • Automatic Scheduled Backups
  • Automatic Backup File Management
  • Suports 22 languages - German, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese and many more.

Which version is for you?

Sprite Backup Lite comes with all the features of the full edition except:

  • Sprite Backup PC Manager
  • Backup to/from your PC.

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Try Sprite Backup Lite 6.5

Still not sure if Sprite Backup Lite provides all features you need to secure your data? Just try it for 10 days and we're sure you will see its value!

Requirements: WM5, 6.0, 6.1, 6.5
Languages: 22 languages
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