Sprite Backup 6 - Version History

Current Version

The latest version is Sprite Backup
All supported languages are included in the installer. We recommend that you update to this version which can be downloaded from here.

Sprite Backup

  • Fixed SIM unlock issue for two new SIM cards
  • Fixed a few speed dial migrate issues
  • Handle pc manager error when get special folder fails
  • Fix bug fail to backup email when mail directory not found
  • Disable Hopper checking
  • Handle restore link file error
  • Updated high resolution icon
  • Fix tree control not respond to click in some devices
  • Number of help files correction
  • Fixed restore directory link file fail
  • Added 3 more languages Arabic, Hebrew and Persian

Sprite Backup

  • Support for Windows Mobile 6.5
  • General bug fixes and enhancements

Sprite Backup

This new version mainly provides a much better way of handling push mail. The issues we fixed in in this version are as follows:

  • Extra support for pushmail services
  • Additional migration capability for databases
  • Enhancements for Virtual Mobile service
  • New SIM lock mechanisms

Sprite Backup 6.5.4

  • Direct push mail support
  • Reduced ROM warning messages
  • Updates to language localizations
  • Update to Speed dials

Sprite Backup 6.5.2

  • Localized in 21 Languages
  • Faster, more effective migration options
  • Fixed an issue with restoring speed-dials
  • Other Minor fixes and improvements

Sprite Backup 6.5

  • New User Interface.
  • Added 1-step Backup feature
  • Enhanced restore mode
  • Improved Sprite Explorer including vcard contact export
  • Numerous minor improvements and fixes

Sprite Backup 6.2.2

  • Extensive language support, support for 22 languages
  • Greater support for Scheduled device powerstates
  • Smart restores for existing, corrupted or locked files
  • Migration data indexing much faster
  • More diagnostic information on state of device

Sprite Backup 6.2.1

  • Even faster Backup and Restore operations
  • Now hides when running in background, if no device lock
  • Increase timeout for network connections
  • Further enhancements for Today screen restore
  • Sorting on Prompt Exclusions List
  • More support for licensing
  • Removal of connection setup from systems set
  • Fix to .volc files deletion
  • Numerous minor enhancements

Sprite Backup 6.2.0

  • Tree displayed more information including registry details
  • Selective Registry Backup/Restore
  • New Migration feature - this feature allows user to migrate their data between devices or Operating Systems. With the Data migration users are able to migrate Call Log, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Categories between any Windows Mobile Device
  • Support for Windows Mobile 6.1 – This feature of Sprite Backup handles full device encryption that is a new feature added to 6.1
  • Add option to disable post-backup message if the operation is successful
  • Check for corruption into registry before operation
  • MotoQ workaround regarding internet issue at restore time
  • New predefined exclusion rules
  • Enhanced upgrade mode restore
  • Enhance User Interface – tap and hold for add or exclude from the tree
  • Added option to view report file from pc at the end of an operation
  • Explorer gives user access to databases and registry hives files

Sprite Backup 6.1.0

  • Common cab file for lite and full versions
  • Lite version can use PC to manage settings
  • Enhancements to registry restore.
  • Add ’suspend device’ option to scheduled backup.
  • ROM Upgrade Enhancements.
  • Scheduled backup start terminates a current phone call. This enhancement causes Sprite Backup not to run if a user is in a phone call at the time the schedule operation starts.
  • Option for All device initiated backups to be self-extracting.
  • Enhancements to FTP Backup function for better connection handling.
  • Error message when backup location not found. When Sprite Backup Manager can’t create the default backup path, revert to the default path.
  • Fix Sprite Backup Manager balloon’s not showing.
  • Backup to PC sometimes fails with error 87 incorrect parameter
  • Win 2000 compatibility for PC Side
  • Error displayed when opening and closing authorize screen
  • Automatic naming is not working as expected on PC manager
  • “Notification” remains after dismissing operation complete notification
  • Prompt before daily backup function does not work
  • Schedule fails when installed on storage card.
  • Card backup changes, The feature “Create Backup Card” is only displayed if the registry value
  • “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Sprite Software\Sprite Backup\Settings\EnableCreateBackupCard” of type DWORD is set to non-zero (e.g. 1).
  • Fix Backup or Scheduled Backup bug where the backup is run in background mode
  • Fix the WM6 encrypted storage card option always being disabled when starting Sprite Backup.
  • Scheduled Backup failed - storage card not found - on a HP iPAQ hx2795b
  • Unable to find network after backup with SIM lock.
  • Unable to perform a successful backup to CF with PIN lock enable.
  • Connection Manager not working on CDMA devices.
  • Canceling PC Backup can cause cascading errors which result in a incorrect error.
  • Other small bug fixes.

Sprite Backup 6.0.3

  • Fixes the “Unexpected error” failure in backup operations.
  • Add new restore method to allow the restore of locked files.
  • Improve log file efficiency to help troubleshoot problems.
  • Enhancement to SIM manager feature.
  • Enhancements made to Exclusion Rules in PC Options. Predefined exclusions has been added to simplify the use of this feature.
  • Enhancements to registration process in PC manager.
  • Other minor fixes
  • Corrections to help file.

Sprite Backup 6.0.2

  • Fixed intermittent issue connecting to Sprite Backup Manager via ActiveSync on most Windows Mobile 6 devices
  • Fixed predefined exclusions rules not displaying in Sprite Backup Manager device options.
  • Fixed resource control layout which caused a warning in the log file.
  • Fixed display of About screen on the device when options in the Sprite Backup Manager are set during evaluation period.
  • Change restoring of today screen plugins from pre-operation to post-operation.
  • (fixes today screen plugins sometimes not being re-enabled after a backup operation).
  • Added alternate file backup method to better backup some forms of locked files and volume files (including pim.vol)
  • Fix spelling mistakes in installer.
  • Disable ActiveSync email syncing during backup and restore operations.
  • Improved handling of low memory situations where large pim.vol files cause failed restores due to out of device memory.
  • Fix error recovery code not restoring disabled items during a operation crash.

Sprite Backup 6.0.1

  • Fixed a previously installed v5.x causing v6 evaluation period to be expired.

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