Don’t let your Private data become PUBLIC! Locate and protect your mobile device in the event of theft or loss

Studies suggest that up to 1/3 of all mobile devices maybe lost or stolen each year. Having personal or corporate data on your smartphone risks leaking you confidential information. Do you really want your private data, or your employers such as sms, contacts, documents etc exposed?

Use Sprite Terminator to protect your device and data!



WM5, WM6/6.1

How can Terminator secure your device & data?

  • Find your lost phone- Use GPS to see exactly where your phone is and track it.
  • Lost or stolen Phone - Remotely lock, or wipe your data.
  • Wipe your phone clean - Don’t risk data leaks and embarrassment, Terminator removes all your data so you can sell or decommission your new phone.

Terminator Features:

  • Locate your phone using GPS – See exactly where your phone is and track it on via Google Maps, or Virtual Earth.
  • Set and Forget - Once configured, Sprite Terminator is unobtrusive and can only be uninstalled with the correct password.
  • Remote Delete - Send an SMS message to initiate the wipe operation including all external storage cards.
  • Remote Lock-Down - Send an SMS message to lock all functionality or re-set the device master password.
  • SIM Change Alert - Receive a notification SMS message if the SIM card has been changed.
  • Activity Retrieval - Send an SMS message to retrieve call log entries
  • Supports all Windows Mobile 5 & 6 Phones

Interested in a volume licensing discount? For 30+ licenses or more contact: Volume Licensing

Sprite Terminator FAQ


  • Current version of Sprite Terminator is 1.2.0.
    We recommend that you update to this version which can be downloaded from here: Sprite Terminator 1.2.0
  • For post sales support, technical questions and an overview of application commands visit: Terminator Support

Sprite Terminator FAQ

  • Where can I find the applications help file?
    After installing Terminator, You will find the help file at the following location on your PC;
    Start> All Programs> Sprite Software> Sprite Terminator> Sprite Terminator Help

  • Do I need to install Sprite Terminator to main memory?
    Yes. Please install Sprite Terminator on your device main memory
    We strongly recommend installing Sprite Terminator to the main memory of the devices. Do Not install Sprite Terminator on your Storage Card, as this application needs full and fast access to your mobile device to react to incoming instructions. Installing this application on to a Storage Card can reduce the effectiveness of Terminator because of Known Storage Card constraints.

  • Is Sprite Terminator compatible with Orange Windows Mobiles?
    Yes. Please download the latest Orange-signed version from here: Sprite Terminator 1.1.166
  • I have more questions?
    Ask us a question…

Sprite Terminator Users say….

“Peace of mind for me, and my family”

“I purchased Sprite Terminator because I enjoy taking long motorcycle rides. My wife doesn’t ride with me but she supports me in my own enjoyment. Sometimes though, she gets to worrying and wants to check on me. It’s hard to answer a phone on a motorcycle so she can’t call me. But now, she can text my phone and it responds with my GPS coordinates. She texts again a few minutes later, and she can see that I’m still moving and OK. She gets the comfort she needs, and I get the long uninterrupted rides through mountains and forests.”

- Clay Jones, Motorcycle Enthusiast & Excellent Husband.

“Never been so happy in my life to see my cell phone stolen!”

“I live in Costa Rica, and in May 2008 my house got broken into while I was sleeping. They took almost everything I had, including my HTC TYTN II with Sprite Terminator installed. I was able to track my phone using GPS. Sent a quick text message, and 10 minutes later I knew where it was. I got all my stuff back and put the criminals in jail…. Never been so happy in my life to see my cell phone stolen!”

- Ryan Heck, HTC TYTN II User

“…simply adds peace of mind”

“As an IT guy who travels and keeps a lot of my personal and my customers personal information in my PDA phone; it is nice to know that if my phone is lost or stolen I will be able to track the device to recover it, lock the device to prevent use, and disable or clear the device if it can not be recovered, all from another cell phone. Having Sprite Terminator on my device simply adds piece of mind”

- Bart Lanzillotti, Verizon Wireless XV6800 User

Release History:

  • Current version of Sprite Terminator is 1.2.0
    We recommend that you update to this version which can be downloaded from here: Sprite Terminator 1.2.0

Sprite Terminator 1.2.0


  • GPS location, with map links.
  • Easier partnering from your contacts list.
  • New remote unlock and password change commands.

Sprite Terminator 1.1.166

  • Added support for delayed IMSI registration, stops lockdown on soft resets/poweroff.
  • Sprite can be used as uninstall password if Terminator is running in Trialware mode.
  • Added support for ()-<> in contacts defined by some carriers.
  • Increased GPS readings timeout to up to 90 minutes for SMS requests, and 30 seconds for the Test button.

Sprite Terminator 1.1.147

  • Added remote Unlock command, syntax Spritecmd “password” unlock.
  • Added remote Change Password command, syntax Spritecmd “oldpassword” password “newpassword”.
  • Queries now detail the cell tower ID, and the phones signal strength.

Sprite Terminator 1.0.143

  • Added Virtual Earth option, or Google Maps your choice.
  • Low level NMEA parser, tick box in case the built in GPS Microsoft Api isn’t available/functioning.