This special upgrade version of Sprite Backup is for OEM customers who had a pre-installed Backup version ship with their Palm device.

Exclusively for Palm customers. For the low price of $10, a saving of 66% on the full $29.95 price, you can upgrade to the latest version of the #1 windows mobiles backup solution. You’ll benefit from the latest developments of our Backup technology, with new features and performance increases in speed and stability.



WM5, WM6/6.1

NEW in Sprite Backup 6.5.48

  • Brand New User Interface- Brings you closer to key functions and improves workflows.
  • Improved Sprite Explorer - Browse your Backup file and extract data – export Contacts as vCards to restore to any device or save them in Outlook or to another mobile phone operating system.
  • Powerful Backup PC Manager - Control your backup operations/options from your PC.
  • Redeveloped Upgrade Mode - We now guarantee to move your Contacts, Tasks and Appointments, SMS and Email, My Documents and Internet Favourites across to a new Windows Mobile device.
  • New 1-step Backup - Trigger a manual backup instantly with this feature!
  • Performance Improvements - General speed, stability and performance fixes and revisions.

Why you can trust Sprite Backup:

  • Trusted by 10m device owners – The most popular Windows Mobile Backup solution!
  • Backs up Everything - Sprite Backup can secure all your important device data – contacts, sms, documents, today screens, ringtones, high scores, settings, applications and their activation codes and more!
  • Self-Extracting Backups - Just open the Backup file to restore, no need to install any additional software.
  • Schedule your backups - Once, Daily, Weekly - pick a timeframe and Backup does the rest.
  • Available in 22 Languages - English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and many more.
  • Supports them all - All Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0 and 6.1 devices are supported.

View the full features using the tabs above.

Product Features

  • Full Backup - All your important device data – contacts, sms, applications, settings and much more!
  • Supports ALL WM5 & WM6 Devices - Smartphone AND Pocket PC
  • Off-device Backup - Sprite Backup allows you to backup to other phones, memory cards or to your pc
  • Exclusive 1step Backup - Trigger a new backup simply by selecting our 1step backup icon.
  • NEW Sprite PC Manager - Easy setup & instant data protection from your PC.
  • Sprite Explorer - PC Tool for browsing and extracting backup file contents
  • Move your data with Recover Mode - Restore to a different device or after a ROM Upgrade
  • NEW Support for WM6 Storage Card encryption - Access ALL your data after a hard reset
  • Full & Custom Backup and Restore operations - offers complete control
  • Self-Extracting Backup Files - Restore backups without re-installing
  • Automatic Scheduled Backup - ensures up to date content protection
  • Automatic Backup File Management - Optimize storage space used

Sprite Backup 6.5.48 Feature Tour

Please click on the image to start the Sprite Backup 6.5 Feature Tour.

Sprite Backup Users say….

“peace of mind..”

“I love my Motorola Q but I must admit it is a Smartphone with some serious issues. Sprite Backup gives me the peace of mind that if something should happen to my Q that I will be able to recover. I helped beta test Smart Backup 6 and I can’t say enough good things about the Sprite team. These guys are serious about supporting the customer.”

- Michael Griffith - Motorola Q user

“Setting up my automated backup was a snap..”

“As a software beta tester I depend on Sprite Backup for critical backups prior to testing. The interface on Sprite Backup 6.0 is easy to use while retaining all of the options one would expect from a full featured application. “

- Curtis H : Sprint Mogul user

“a solid and versatile disaster recovery solution..”

“How many solutions are available for Windows Mobile that will not only allow you to rapidly deploy handhelds and phones to your workforce but give you a solid and versatile disaster recovery solution and the added security of carrying current backups with you in the event of a crash?
Only one, and that is Sprite Mobile Backup 6″

- Michael Allen,Systems Administrator,Seattle, Washington : MotoQ user

“This software just WORKS !”

I been working in data protection on UNIX, Linux, and Windows for over 10 years and have always felt that PDA’s were at risk.
I’ve been using Sprite for three generations of the software and have tried all its competitors.
I always came back to Sprite as “the best of a bad lot”, thats changed with Version 6, now I wont even bother trying the others.
With Sprite Backup Version 6, I have confidence that what I backup WILL come back in a safe, secure fashion and without having to tweak the system afterword. This software just WORKS! Exactly as advertised and without frustration.
Well Done!”

- Christopher Dean : iPAQ 2790 user

Support: Sprite Backup 6.5

  • The latest version is Sprite Backup 6.5.48
    French, Italian, German and Spanish languages are included in the installer. We recommend that you update to this version which can be downloaded from here: Sprite Backup 6.5.48
  • In total 22 languages are available, additional language packs can be downloaded from here: Backup Languages

    General FAQ

  • What is Sprite Backup?
    Sprite Backup protects your data, settings and applications from risk of loss in the event of system failure, malware or human error. It will take a snapshot of your phone then allow you to restore that snapshot in the future, should anything happen to your device or data.
  • Do I really need it?
    Some surveys suggest that as many as 1/3 of all cellphones maybe lost or stolen every year. If that happened would you mind losing your contacts, sms, documents, today screens, ringtones, high scores, settings, applications and their activation codes? If you would, then you need Sprite Backup.
  • If you just synchronize your smartphone with Outlook or Exchange, and you don’t mind losing your SMS and call history, and don’t mid spending time rebuilding your device then you probably don’t need a backup application. If your device needs a hard reset do you have the Exchange settings? Sprite Backup can restore these settings as well.

  • Will it work on my phone?
    Yes. Sprite Backup works on ALL Palm Windows Mobiles – WM5, WM6 and WM6.1 devices
  • What makes Sprite Backup special?
    Sprite Backup is the #1 Windows Mobile Backup, in use on over 10m devices worldwide! Here are some of the reasons:
    - 1-Step Backup, simple, easy, just one step.
    - Fully compatible with Windows Mobile 6 Encryption
    - ROM and Device Upgrade Functionality. Move your data to a new device or restore it to your current device after upgrading the ROM.
    Our scheduled backup function also works on PIN locked or SIM locked phones
  • I have technical questions?