Award-winning Windows Mobile Backup specifically for Pocket PC 2002/2003 devices.

Are you tired of having to re-install your applications, setup your email accounts, set your preferences, copy across your ringtones - all because the battery died on your device and hard reset the device? Sprite Backup can have your device in the exact state it was in at the time of the Backup in minutes - you don’t even need to install Sprite Backup to restore.

Use Sprite Backup! The smart choice for your smart device

PPC 2002/3(SE)

Why you can trust Sprite Backup:

  • Trusted by 10m device owners – The most popular Windows Mobile Backup solution!
  • Backs up Everything - Sprite Backup can secure all your important device data – contacts, applications, settings, sms etc.
  • Self-Extracting Backups - Just open the Backup file to restore, no need to install any additional software.
  • Schedule your backups - Once, Daily or Weekly - pick a timeframe and Backup does the rest.
  • Supports them all - Supports - Pocket PC 2002, 2003 and 2003SE.
  • So trust Sprite Backup to Backup all the data on your 2002/03 Pocket PC

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Product Features

Sprite Backup Pocket PC Customers say….

“Best Backup By Far”

“Don'’t often review products but this one was worth a mention. Running it on an IPAQ 2210. Backs up EVRYTHING to an SD or CF card (to PC also with premium edition) as a single *.EXE file on the card. If the device suffers a hard reset simply insert the memory card, run the exe file, and everything is back as it was. Only backup program I have tried that works perfectly every time and misses nothing. So easy to use if your going to try out some new software, make a backup first, if the new program is crap or wont uninstall correctly, run the backup and its gone, including any settings it changed and its registry entries “

- Craig H : reviewer from Scotland

“Great backup software “

“This is a great little program, especially since PDAs are more prone to hard-resetting themselves at odd times, such as when placed too close to a cell phone. (At least mine did). This program is worth the money, it loads just fine from an SD card and will save the backups there too, it also shows you your battery and storage capacity in a small bar on your today screen. Very nice job on this product.”

- Michael A,Central Valley, California

“Better save than sorry..”

“I have purchased this program because I use my Pocket PC also as a car navigation system. It happened twice to me that the battery ran out and that all the extra installed programs where gone including the navigation software. Not a very nice experience if this happens to you in the middle of nowhere on a holiday. With Sprite Backup Pocket PC you just make a backup from your PPC on a SD card and within 1 min you can restore your PPC from your external memory card.You dont have to drag a laptop with you to install al the lost software,just keep that small memory card within reach and your are safe. If you would like to rely on you PPC when you are traveling then this program is a must!”

- Frederic M, Eschentzwiller, France,

Sprite Backup 3.1.4 - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Sprite Backup for? Do I really need it?
    Sprite Backup protects your data, settings and applications from risk of loss in the event of system failure, malware or human error. When your battery dies it will reset your device back to factory settings - deleting all of your data, SMS, emails, settings and preferences, Sprite Backup ensures you will be back up and running in a couple of minutes - even when away from your PC
  • Will it work on my phone?
    Yes. Sprite Backup works on ALL Pocket PC 2002/3(SE) Pocket PC’s and Pocket PC Phone Edition
  • What makes Sprite Backup special?
    Sprite Backup has been the choice of Backup for many manufacturers and is installed on over 5 million iPAQ devices as iPAQ Backup.
  • Can I restore to a replacement unit or after a ROM upgrade?
    Yes. Sprite will detect that the target unit is different and will intelligently restore the data and settings.
  • Do I need to re-install before restoring my device?
    No. By default all backup files are compressed self-extracting executable files. This makes the restore process very quick and simple.
  • I’ve heard that active sync partnerships are broken after restore. Is this true?
    No. Sprite Backup restores the partnership details on the Pocket PC and to the desktop. No other backup application does this correctly.

Support: Sprite Backup 3.1.4

Current Version

  • Current version is Sprite Backup 3.1.4
    We recommend that you update to this version which can be downloaded from here: Sprite Backup 3.1.4
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