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Android Backup

“the most amazing program ever…”

“Doug, whoa, we did it!!!! finally backed up and reset and reinstalled!!!!! the one that we both tried to backup the contacts in my HTC hero, without success? i got Sprite Backup installed manually by downloading from their web site and then entering the key, i asked it to backup contacts, bookmarks, etc, and.. IT WORKED!! First time, every time, the most amazing program ever!

I don't know why HTC Hero has this problem by which all of its internal memory can disappear, but i do know that Sprite saved the day for me. I had used MyBackup before, and it only made the storage problem worse!

i'm back up at 120MB free out of 159, even with gmail taking 8 for its store and so on. i will keep an eye on it from now on. phone runs just fine now, even google contacts synced correctly to my gmail account.

Anyway please let all your friends at Sprint know-- Sprite Backup is the best program ever, it's the only workaround i found that saved my data.

Allan, Sprint Carrier support request

Sprite Backup

“THANK YOU for making such a high quality backup solution…”

“I have been a smartphone/PPC user since WinCE came on the scene almost 10 years ago. In addition I am also affectionately known as the gadget guy by my wife because I tend to upgrade my Windows based smartphones every 14 to 18 months/not to mention tinker and install every useful Windows Mobile Application I can get my hands on. In that time I can’t tell you how many times I have Goofed up my handheld OR due to circumstances out of my control had to resort to a hard reset and loose valuable data. Finally I decided I needed something that would give me fault tolerance for my valuable data and all the extra productivity applications I tend to install on my device, this path led me to Sprite Backup version 1.x for smartphone which AS ADVERTISED saved my bacon many times after a hard reset. I have upgraded to every minor and major version since and found this product to not only maintain its reputation as the best Smartphone/PPC backup solution out there today but to be a reliable backup solution. Now having beta tested Version 6, I again found Sprite Backup (Version 6) my saving grace Not just in testing, but after installing another third party application found my device unbootable, to which a Sprite backup version 6 restoration to save me yet again!! THANK YOU for making such a high quality backup solution.
Sprite Backup is considered a Mission critical application in my list of applications. I won’t use a smartphone/Windows Mobile device without it..”

- Timothy Green : T-Mobile MDA user

“a solid and versatile disaster recovery solution..”

“How many solutions are available for Windows Mobile that will not only allow you to rapidly deploy handhelds and phones to your workforce but give you a solid and versatile disaster recovery solution and the added security of carrying current backups with you in the event of a crash?
Only one, and that is Sprite Mobile Backup 6″

- Michael Allen,Systems Administrator,Seattle, Washington : MotoQ user

“This software just WORKS !”

I been working in data protection on UNIX, Linux, and Windows for over 10 years and have always felt that PDA’s were at risk.
I’ve been using Sprite for three generations of the software and have tried all its competitors.
I always came back to Sprite as “the best of a bad lot”, thats changed with Version 6, now I wont even bother trying the others.
With Sprite Backup Version 6, I have confidence that what I backup WILL come back in a safe, secure fashion and without having to tweak the system afterword. This software just WORKS! Exactly as advertised and without frustration.
Well Done!”

- Christopher Dean : iPAQ 2790 user

“peace of mind..”

“I love my Motorola Q but I must admit it is a Smartphone with some serious issues. Sprite Backup gives me the peace of mind that if something should happen to my Q that I will be able to recover. I helped beta test Smart Backup 6 and I can’t say enough good things about the Sprite team. These guys are serious about supporting the customer.”

- Michael Griffith - Motorola Q user

“Setting up my automated backup was a snap..”

“As a software beta tester I depend on Sprite Backup for critical backups prior to testing. The interface on Sprite Backup 6.0 is easy to use while retaining all of the options one would expect from a full featured application. “

- Curtis H : Sprint Mogul user

“Nothing comes close..”

“Sprite Backup 6.0 is the best and easiest complete backup solution for your Smartphone and PPC. I can vouch for the quality of their software and how well they test and support the biggest array of devices. Nothing comes close to Sprite’s simplicity and reliability.”

- J.V : MotoQ user

“it’s a must-have..”

“The Sprite Backup tool helped me many times when my Windows Mobile Smartphone crashed or when I needed to upgrade the device ROM. I definitely recommend it to any serious Smartphone and PocketPC users — it’s a must-have and a life saver.”

- Bo Wu

“..provides the confidence to use this platform.”

“A robust, commercial quality backup and restore capability for handheld devices enables corporate users to take advantage of the functionality and productivity offered. Sprite Software facilitates this and more, and provides the confidence to use this platform.”

- Bob Brick - HTC Wing user

“Sprite has saved my bacon.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to Beta test Sprite 6. It came at a perfect time as my Motorola Q needed a software update requiring master reset. Sprite 6 restore all of my 3rd party programs (30 in all) and setting flawlessly. Most others reporting back to the Moto Q forums had to tinker with setting and hacks plus setup thier email again. I was up and running in no time due to Sprite 6 Beta”

- Fred Drew - Sprint Moto Q user

“all my data is only one restore away..”

“Sprite backup has literally saved me several times while traveling. I cannot afford to be without the information on my Treo while on the road, with Sprite Backup I never have to worry if my Treo acts up - all my data is only one restore away”

- James Coffey - Palm Treo user

“Reliable and fast!”

“Sprite Backup 6.0 is the ideal backup solution for me. It automatically backups my Pocket Loox n560 every night. With its backup file management, it ensures that my recent backups are kept while my storage card does not run out of memory. If something is not working anymore, I can safely hard reset my PDA. Sprite Backup will restore it. Reliable and fast!”

- Matthias Pocket Loox n560 user

Sprite Terminator

“Peace of mind for me, and my family”

“I purchased Sprite Terminator because I enjoy taking long motorcycle rides. My wife doesn’t ride with me but she supports me in my own enjoyment. Sometimes though, she gets to worrying and wants to check on me. It’s hard to answer a phone on a motorcycle so she can’t call me. But now, she can text my phone and it responds with my GPS coordinates. She texts again a few minutes later, and she can see that I’m still moving and OK. She gets the comfort she needs, and I get the long uninterrupted rides through mountains and forests.”

- Clay Jones, Motorcycle Enthusiast & Excellent Husband.

“Never been so happy in my life to see my cell phone stolen!”

“I live in Costa Rica, and in May 2008 my house got broken into while I was sleeping. They took almost everything I had, including my HTC TYTN II with Sprite Terminator installed. I was able to track my phone using GPS. Sent a quick text message, and 10 minutes later I knew where it was. I got all my stuff back and put the criminals in jail…. Never been so happy in my life to see my cell phone stolen!”

- Ryan Heck, HTC TYTN II User

“…simply adds peace of mind”

“As an IT guy who travels and keeps a lot of my personal and my customers personal information in my PDA phone; it is nice to know that if my phone is lost or stolen I will be able to track the device to recover it, lock the device to prevent use, and disable or clear the device if it can not be recovered, all from another cell phone. Having Sprite Terminator on my device simply adds piece of mind”

- Bart Lanzillotti, Verizon Wireless XV6800 User

“…puts my mind at ease”

“If I ever lose my phone, I know that my personal data will always be safe. Sprite Terminator really puts my mind at ease.”

- Eric B, T-Mobile Dash User

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