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Android Backup 1.3

logo_knowyourmobile_large.gifA great independent review for Sprite Android Backup 1.3, almost perfect scores for our first release.  Online backup is on it's way, so stay tuned.

Some quotes from the review
“The volume of information you can backup is impressive. Sprite Backup covers pretty much everything on your handset, including application data, web bookmarks, call logs, music files, videos, text messages and even your basic system configuration.”

“Sprite Backup comes highly recommended. It’s a solid and dependable application that manages to combine a clean interface with excellent overall stability, and in that respect it has no equal on the Android Marketplace.”

Read the full review here

android-icon.pngAnother great review for Android Backup. Great to see reviewers who actually try the product, and all the opposition ones as well.

Some quotes from the review
“The key feature of sprite backup is its simplicity. Sprite have streamlined the app to such a degree that even the most novice users won’t need guidance in safeguarding their android data.”

“For me the key selling point of the software is that my data is my own. I can back it up to SD card and its down to me what I do with it. I personally wouldn’t trust smaller 3rd parties with my data and knowing that my data is sitting securely in my computer ( not someone elses) makes me sleep a whole lot better at night.”

“sprite backup follows the Ronseal school of development in that it does exactly what it says on the tin. If you are looking for an easy to use, reliable backup for your phone and you want to keep control of your data, then Sprite is the way to go.”

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Sprite Migrate 0.2

logo_downloadsquad_large.gifDownload Squad and Lifehacker took the time to evaluate Sprite Migrate. 

We are excited by this both because we are the only solution out there for complex device migration, and for the warm welcome to Migrate by tens of thousands of happy users.

Some quotes from the review
“Sprite Software, makers of 'Sprite Backup' have just released a Beta version of their 'Sprite Migrate' tool into the Android Market as a free download. Sprite have a very good reputation in the mobile space, and rightly so. Their products are relied on by millions of users worldwide, shipped by carriers on a number of devices and Sprite certainly have a glowing pedigree!”

“How well does it work? For me and my test device, it did exactly what it said it would... everything made it across intact! ”

Read the full review here

Sprite Backup 6.5

Sprite Backup 6.5 just went through the review process of the team at WMExperts. If you’re not a regular reader and interesting the squeezing every last drop of functionality out of your WM device, WMExperts is a good place to start.

Some quotes from the review
“Sprite Backup is one of the top backup solutions available for Windows Mobile. Now in version 6.5, Sprite continues to add functionality to one of the powerhouses in Windows Mobile software.”

“Sprite allows you to specify at a fine grained level exactly what your backup should contain. Anything from PIM data (Contacts, Call History, Speed Dial), to email to system data (Favorites, Today Items, System Settings), to files on the device and storage card are available options.”

“One instance where Sprite Backup is extremely useful is when you are upgrading to a new device. Many of you have experienced problems when attempting this in the past. Sprite has recognized these issues and addressed them through the use of Merge Levels.”

“Sprite continues to build on a solid set of tools that protect your data on a daily basis. For many of us, the data on our Windows Mobile devices cannot be easily replaced or replicated. Having a good backup solution is the best way to protect this data in a consistent manner.”

“If your data is important to you, make sure you get your copy today.”

Thanks to the WMexperts team for taking the time to review Sprite Backup and we’re delighted with the 5 star rating!
Read the full review here

Another review for Sprite Backup 6.5 on Thanks to Zealot for taking the time to review our product in such detail!

Some quotes from the review
"The first thing that I noted when I booted up the new version of Sprite backup on my Q was the impressive new GUI. The icons are not only much more attractive, but much more intuitive then they were previously."

"The new Backup is the long awaited and much needed single step backup feature. The lack of a quick, no fuss basic backup has been a problem for many Sprite users in previous versions."

"In restoring from backup, the system worked smoothly and unattended as it should. I was happy to see one of my pet peeves from previous versions adressed, namly that each restoration would automatically merge System Settings by default rather then replacing the olds once with the backed up settings."

"All in all, I feel that Sprite Backup v6.5 is a worthy upgrade from v6.2, with a much improved GUI and some excellent and powerful new features and enhancements. If you are looking for a good, well rounded backup and restoration application (and what WM user isn’t?) then Sprite backup v6.5 would be an excellent choice for both neophytes and power users."

Read the full review here

Fuze Mobility took the time to create a very detailed, positive review of Sprite Backup 6.5.

Some quotes from the review
"The one-step backup and restore wizards makes the use of Sprite Backup effortless. Once you have your settings in place for your one-step backup, the settings are saved (such as password and location of destination backup file) and never have to be entered again."

"Overall performance of backups and restores are clearly within my expectations. My backups can range from 4-9 minutes and restores can take a little longer which is worth every minute for a disaster recovery plan."

"With that being said, you’re in good hands with Sprite Backup!  I’ve been using Sprite Backup for several years now and I can say that this is as good as it gets for a feature-rich and reliable backup solution."

Read the full review here

The Sprite Backup 6.5 product overview page is here: Sprite Backup 6.5
The Android Backup 1.4 product overview page is here: Android Backup 1.4
The Sprite Migrate 0.3 product overview page is here: Sprite Migrate 0.3

Read some of the testimonials from Sprite customers here: Sprite Testimonials

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