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RE: email corruption & Scheduled Backup
Posted by Kam (kwyeung99@yahoo.com)
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: I downloaded pocket Backup yesterday, installed it on an H3970 and decided to try the schedule option. If I select automatic backup daily at 8:00 and I turn off my iPaq, it will power up at 8:00 but that's it, the program will not run. the only think i am seeing (and it is random) a message window stating pocket Backup is scheduled to run.
: Also, i backed my unit completely to my SD card and decided to do a hard reset to test the backup. When restored from the SD card, my pocketpc inbox had duplicate mail that could not be deleted or viewed. My desktop inbox was fine. ActiveSync was showing "unresolved item"
: The only way to erase those unwanted mail was to do a hard reset and reinstall all the applications manually.
: Any help on what might cause those 2 things to happen would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Any follow up from Sprite Software about this problem?