Problem w/Automatic Backup

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Problem w/Automatic Backup From: Neil - Fri, Sep 13, 2:41 AM

I have an HP Jornada 568 and have never been able to get Pocket Backup v1.0.1.1 or now v1.1 to reliably start up for an automatic backup. I have set up Pocket Backup v1.1 3 times now to perform a scheduled backup with no success. The PDA turns on at the right time and nothing happens. If I tap the Start menu or launch any software, the system hangs as if a background program is burning CPU cycles. A soft reset is required to regain system control and ONLY after the soft reset will PB v1.1 open, perform the backup, and then stop. Unfortunately, my system locked up after the backup was performed and I had to soft reset to regain control. I have no idea why the automatic backup is so buggy but manual backups are flawless with no lockups. Thus I have to conclude it has something to do with the software that initiates and terminates the whole process.

2nd issue: Are there any plans to address the slow startup for Pocket Backup? It takes almost a minute before I even see the PB window after I tap on the icon. No other program that I use takes so long to startup (even MS' relatively slow Reader software). Why the delay and what can be done to speed things up?

Thanks in advance for your response.

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