RE: Restoring using iPAQ Backup.

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RE: Restoring using iPAQ Backup. In response to Restoring using iPAQ Backup. posted by Mike Shepherd

From: Sean Connolly - Mon, Aug 19, 1:06 AM

The reason that you are seeing this is that Pocket Backup does an additive restore – i.e. it adds to whatever is already on the Pocket PC and will replace files, databases with what is in the backup file. It does not delete files that are on the Pocket PC but that are not in the backup file.
The problem with the start menu and program folders is that on hard-reset, the start menu folder is populated with default items (inbox, activesync etc.). When this menu is customized via the settings->menu application, the shortcuts are moved from the start menu to the start menu\programs folder, which is where they are when the backup is taken. Upon hard–reset and restore, the shortcuts are in both folders, and the settings->menu application shows both.
The “workaround” would be to manually delete the errant shortcuts.

Sprite Clone uses a deletive restore , which may be worth considering given that an image could be deployed on a storage card and would auto-run on insertion.

We will look into what would be involved in modifying Pocket Backup to accommodate this functionality and possibly include this is a future version.

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