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RE: Installing Pocket Backup on storage card In response to Installing Pocket Backup on storage card posted by Michael Brown

From: Dion - Sun, Jul 21, 5:51 PM

: 1. Can the program be installed on the storage card? If not how do I restore after a hard reset or battery drain if the program is in main memory which is now wiped out?
ANSWER: Yes, Pocket Backup can be installed on a storage card. Then, after a hard reset, use File Explorer to find and run Pocket Backup.
: 2. Can files that are on the storage card be backed up as well?
ANSWER: To backup files on a storage card, turn the option to exclude persistent storage off. (Backup->Options->Exclude PersistentStorage)
: 3. Can a backup be made to my desktop?
ANSWER: Pocket Backup does not currently offer the ability to backup directly to a desktop PC, although this feature is on our roadmap. One way to get around this is to set up a folder that is synchronised with the desktop PC. Then create backup files in the synchronised directory. This way your backups will be automatically copied to your desktop when you synchronise.

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