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From: Karl-Heinz Versl - Fri, Jun 28, 5:18 AM

The PocketTV programmer just send me a mail:

If you restore the registry, the key should be restored as well since it is in the registry.
Maybe your registry was not fully restored ?

: : Sorry to hear that you are not happy with Pocket Backup and here is some possible explanation for what you are seeing.
: : On hard reset, the operating system creates new shortcuts for the start menu. These shortcut files are not deleted by Pocket Backup when you do a restore operation, because the application doesn't delete files that were not in the backup. (This is safest and most often convenient).
: (Karl-Heinz Versl) understand, makes sense
: : As for PocketTV, I'm not sure how where they store the registration information, if it is in the registry, then it would be restored. If they use a combination of registry, + object identification information (OID), then there may be an issue because, when an object is created on restore (e.g. file or database record), it gets a diffent object id than it originally had.
: (Karl-Heinz Versl) could you check whats happen with PocketTV ( Sorry, I am not a programmer or expert for this field.
: I'm not sure that there is anything that we can do about that. I'd be interested in having a look at the Pocket Backup log files created on backup and restore.
: (Karl-Heinz Versl) Shall I send you the Backup log file ?
: : Hope this helps.
: : Sean
: Kind Regards,
: Karl-Heinz Versl

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