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RE: Can load, but can't run In response to Can load, but can't run posted by Harry

From: Dion - Sun, Jun 16, 4:59 PM

Do you have a large amount of storage attached to your Pocket PC? e.g. a large CF card with many files or a microdrive etc. The first thing that Pocket Backup does is to gather a list of all the files on the Pocket PC so that it can create its tree view (where you can select the files etc. that you want to backup). If you have a large amount o storage attached, this can take some time.

Assuming that you do not want to backup the attached storage, remove it from your Pocket PC before starting Pocket Backup. Once Pocket Backup has started you may re-attach the storage and backup to it (you will not be able to backup the storage itself in this scenario).

If this is not your problem, can you please send the log file that is created (My Device\BackupLog.txt) to, along with information as to the version you are using.

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