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From: Nic - Wed, Jun 05, 9:56 PM

You are right you can use pocket backup to backup the entire machine (assuming you are restoring to the same device). To do this you would choose Storage Card (in Location) instead of Main Memory when choosing the backup file name. Be sure that Programs (*.EXE, *.DLL) is not checked from the backup options otherwise your applications will not be fully backed up.
An alternative if you are able to dock the machine to a desktop is to use our Sprite Clone product which takes an image of the whole machine (you cannot choose what to backup). This has the advantage of storing the backup file directly to a desktop machine and not requiring a large CF card.

: We have an Ipaq that needs service (handwriting recognition is poor). Since we have much on the machine including some purchased medical programs, pocket pc 2002, contacts etc., can we back up the entire machine on a flash card and how?? Have ordered a 128MB card for this purpose. We realize that to repair the machine, all will be lost when battery is disconected. As the information is valuable to us,we want to be sure to do the right thing to save properly.

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