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RE: SD vs CF Backup Speed In response to SD vs CF Backup Speed posted by Larry Green

From: Freddo - Wed, May 29, 5:25 PM

I was interested in your timing differences between SD and CF storage.

I repeated your test saving to a CF and MMC card. Results were
CF card - 1 min 26 secs
MMC card - 1 min 55 sec

Tried a couple of brands of CF card but the times were the same.

The good thing about Sprite Backup is it closes all open applications before it starts it backup. This can mean a delay of a few seconds while this happens at the start of your first backup.

: Please read the following that I posted on the forum. Can you answer my questions?
: -------
: I have a iPaq 3835 with CF Sleeve. I have not been doing frequent backups because it was taking over 30 minutes using the backup program that is built into ROM.
: I searched for a more efficient backup program, and downloaded trial versions of two programs I found. One was the Sunnysoft Backup program and the other was Pocket Backup from Sprite Software.
: Although more expensive, Pocket Backup was much better program with more features and faster.
: Pocket Backup can be installed into the iPaq file store area so you can restore without being tied to a PC (so can Sunnysoft), allows restoring all or just selected files (Sunnysoft can't), has a battery monitor function to notify you a backup is needed if the battery level gets low (Sunnysoft doesn't), and is 3-4 times faster than Sunnysoft.
: I can now backup my entire iPaq in just 1 minute and 45 seconds (20MB).
: I found some interesting things when I was doing the comparison of programs.
: It takes 1 minute 45 seconds to do the backup to a 32 MB Panasonic SD Card and 2 minutes 45 seconds to do the same backup to a SanDisk 128 MB CF card in the iPaq sleeve. I thought that CF was supposed to be faster than SD. There is a similar speed difference in the restore function. What's going on?
: I like SD because I have a JVC GR-DVM70 Digital Video Camera that uses SD/MM cards to store stills, and a Kyocera FinecamS3 3.3 Mega Pixel digital still camera that also uses SD/MM.
: Here is another issue. All of the SD cards come formatted as "Fat 16" according to a program called StorageTools from Softwinter. When I look at the properties of the card on my Windows XP desktop it shows as "FAT". I reformatted the SanDisk 128 MB CF card on my desktop to "FAT 32" and used it to do a backup on my iPaq using Pocket Backup. It took so long and was so slow that I stopped the operation. I could read the card and transfer files to it but the backup was very slow. I then tried the same thing with an SD card. Same results. Also, an SD card formatted as "FAT 32" would not work in my Kyocera FinecamS3. I reformatted both cards on my desktop to "FAT" and inserted them into my iPaq. The StorageTools program said they were formatted as "FAT16". The backups now take 1 minute 45 seconds on the SD card and 2 minutes 45 seconds on the CF card. The SD card would again work in my Kyocera FinecamS3. In fact the SD card would work in the Kyocera with an iPaq backup on it. Why are cards formatted as "FAT 32" so much slower in the the iPaq than those formatted as "FAT 16"?
: -----
: PS:I just purchased the license for your program.
: Thanks,
: Larry

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