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2 Easy Ways To Find The Sprite Solution For You.

What do I Have to Lose?

Mobile devices are becoming more than email clients or cellular phones, but large portable storage devices which hold rich content, documents and presentations, digital photos, music and more. Sprite Backup provides confidence that you will always be prepared when disaster strikes. Not convinced? Ask yourself these questions:

•  How much time have you spent personalizing your device to make it “Smart”? Are you prepared to do it again?

•  Have you installed themes, ringtones, games, productivity apps, utilities?

•  Have you installed applications and set up preferences for these, e.g. playlists, settings?

Key Benefits

•  Protect irreplaceable data such as SMS and call history and photos

•  Avoid downtime replacing applications, themes, etc

•  Ensure corporate governance for information retrieval

•  Recover in minutes

Key Features

•  Multi-Device Support – Backup Solution for both Pocket PC and Windows Mobile 5.0 SmartPhone Edition operating systems

•  Ease of Use – Intuitive one-step process for dynamic and scheduled backups

•  Flexible Backup Locations – Enables backing up directly to the device, a storage card or, for greater protection, moving the backup to a PC or Server

•  ROM Independent Restore – Recover your device irrespective of what version of ROM is installed

•  Secure Folder Preservation – Provides Backup and Recovery of encrypted folders. Credant Mobile Guardian and HP Protect Tools compatible

•  Upgrade Model – Unique ability by which to safely move data and applications across OS upgrades

•  Self-Extracting Restore – Provides a one step process to initiate a recovery point without opening the Backup App

•  Scheduled Backups – Enables the routine scheduling of backups to a preferred storage location

•  Backup Security – Encryption options in order to safeguard a backup and prevent tampering

•  Compression – Reduces storage concerns with large backups

•  Storage Optimization – Enables a rule-based option which manages the amount of storage to be used and the number of stored backups allowed

Versions Available

There are versions of Sprite Backup for the following devices:

•  Windows Mobile 5

•  Windows Mobile 2003

•  Symbian Series 60

Attention Motorola Q Users

Sprite Backup is now compatible with the screen layout and resolution of the Motorola Q devices.

Attention Orange Users

Both the PocketPC and Smartphone versions are now Orange signed – We appreciate your patience while we worked through the Orange signing process.