Sprite OEM Division, 17 million shipped

Sprite Software is dedicated to offering its OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partners best of breed solutions.

Our Mission

Sprite Software is a developer of innovative and high-quality mobile security software that greatly reduces device support overheads, and add valuable security features to protect millions of device users. Our OEM partners appreciate the valuable cost savings, value-added features and additional revenues our software helps them to generate.

Our Partners

Sprite OEM brings added value to hardware manufacturers by offering a large range of feature-rich and customized solutions. Sprite OEM Products include Mobile Online Backup, OTA Device Migration, Mobile Anti-theft Solutions, and Mobile Anti-virus. Our world class solutions are distributed on tens of millions of OEM units.

Our Value Add

• Proven track record of delivering results to OEM partners
• Executing globally in up to 52 languages
• Elegant yet powerful solutions at a fair price
• Cross platform support for Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian, J2ME, Blackberry and iPhone
• Fast moving teams to complement larger companies core projects
• Flexible design to enable "tailor made" solutions
• Strong OS developer partnerships
• 17 million OEM units shipped
• Offices in Taiwan, Korea, Japan and HQ New Zealand
• Sharing technological leadership to enhance standard technology platforms

Contact Us

We are always interested in discussing ideas, so even if still in incubation, contact us to explore how we might work together and add value to your developments.

Our products are currently bundled with the leading smartphone handset manufacturers below

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