Affiliates & Reseller Programs

Affiliate Program

We pay you 20% of all referred sales.

What could that mean to you?

An Affiliate sending 2-3 sales a day to our site 3 sales per day = over $400.00 per month

An Affiliate sending 5 sales a day to our site 5 sales per day = over $1123.13.00 per month

How it Works

The idea - and the implementation - are simple. We'll create an account for you in our affiliate system. From there you can create links, download banners and monitor sales and stats in real time.


Reseller Program

Sprite Mobile offers Consumers and Small Business confidence with a suite of mobile device products that show instant return on investment.

Benefits for Resellers

There are two tiers of membership - Gold and Silver. Each offer a different level of price discount applicable across all Sprite products.

Promo Material for Resellers

The following information sheets may assist you in sales to your clients and provide general infromation about our company and products