Sprite Migrate has been updated

It's been a few weeks since we updated Migrate, but it's been time well spent. We have been laying the foundations for a load of great features to come. Although you can't see it, this version of Migrate has had a migrate engine overhaul, to keep it in line with the PC Converter application. This ground work will allow us to look at getting some more interesting parts of your data migrated, most notably your files! That will mean photos, music, video etc. More on that coming soon.

A big issue we've fixed is for the Windows Mobile guys. We had a problem where 'international' characters (à, é, é etc.) would cause your contacts to fail migration. That's been fixed, so everything will now come over without a problem.

Beyond that we've put a load of other bug fixes into this release. Thanks to everyone who helped us over that last few weeks. Ironing out the finer details or where you expect your data to go on Android has been interesting, especially since Symbian has around 150 fields to bring over.

There is still a load of stuff we want to do and this release will allow us to get their quicker. Watch this space ;)

For more details on what has changed see the release history for each application

Posted: 10/22/2009 12:04:19 AM by

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