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Android Backup 1.3.1 is out - Droid!

You wouldn't believe how much effort we have to put in to get the latest devices in New Zealand.  The Motorola Droid was launched in the US just over a week ago so we called in a few favours to get our-man-in-the-states down to the Verizon shop to buy one for us.  Resisting temptation to open it, he stuffed it into a FedEx box and threw it over the Pacific, via Hawaii to sunny Auckland.  We ripped it open two days ago and started work testing how Android Backup worked.  All in all it held up pretty well so today we've released our Android compatible version to you. This is our first Android 2.0 release so if there are any problems let us know.

That's another phone supported to be put on the list.

Posted: 11/18/2009 10:19:02 PM by

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