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Sprite Backup 6.5 award 5/5 on WMExperts

Sprite Backup 6.5 just went through the review process of the team at WMExperts. If you’re not a regular reader and interesting the squeezing every last drop of functionality out of your WM device, WMExperts is a good place to start.

Some quotes from the review

“Sprite Backup is one of the top backup solutions available for Windows Mobile. Now in version 6.5, Sprite continues to add functionality to one of the powerhouses in Windows Mobile software.”

“Sprite allows you to specify at a fine grained level exactly what your backup should contain. Anything from PIM data (Contacts, Call History, Speed Dial), to email to system data (Favorites, Today Items, System Settings), to files on the device and storage card are available options.”

“One instance where Sprite Backup is extremely useful is when you are upgrading to a new device. Many of you have experienced problems when attempting this in the past. Sprite has recognized these issues and addressed them through the use of Merge Levels.”

“Sprite continues to build on a solid set of tools that protect your data on a daily basis. For many of us, the data on our Windows Mobile devices cannot be easily replaced or replicated. Having a good backup solution is the best way to protect this data in a consistent manner.”

“If your data is important to you, make sure you get your copy today.”

Thanks to the WMexperts team for taking the time to review Sprite Backup and we’re delighted with the 5 star rating!

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