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Winners of the Sprite Backup Feature Hunt

We’ve got all winners for the Sprite Backup Feature Hunt. Before I announce the winners I would like to thank everybody who participated on the Feature Hunt. We were very excited about all the good ideas and your motivation to shape with us another #1 Backup solution for Windows Mobile devices.

The winners are:

1st Prize: 2 x HTC Touch HD

Jim Ambrose | John LoPresti

2nd Prize: 5 x Bluetooth GPS Unit

Susanne Giddings | Betty Crawford | Gregorz | Marshel Reed | Andreas Finck

30 x 8GB Micro SD Card

Luigi Cappel | Samuel Pelissier | Norman M Jones | Jack Mazewski | Brian Thom | Wayne Lovejoy | Steven J Both | Ed Sweeney | Morgan | Eric Remmerswaal | Robert Rios | Matt Boliver | Sandra Reid | Jason B McKnight | Jack Gill | Joe | Sascha Duehring | Horst Meyer | Kareem | Peter Rodgers Moriarty | Michael Heng | Pardigon | Adrian Flores | Greg Evans | Andreas Godau | Kevin Wallace | Tom Christensen | Lori Herbin | Jaime Lin | Tony Del Rosso

+ 10 x Sprite Polo Shirts

Tony Hughes | Joost Samuels | Dennis Breckenridge | Mark Ramsey | Stefan Winkel | Dave Trotman | Louise Senecal | Silvio Rostran | Fran Stuart | Larry Williams

Congratulations to all lucky winners, we will send you an e-mail as we need your postal address. After we've received your address details we will send you the prizes. As we are in New Zealand it could take a little while before you receive your prize.

Thanks again for all the great ideas!!!!

Posted: 5/14/2009 10:14:00 PM by Sprite Global Administrator

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