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Virtual Mobile now in Beta and another new release

More exciting news, we've now decided to move Virtual Mobile from 'Alpha' to 'Beta' status. That might seem like little more than a cosmetic change, but if you'll allow me to get all metaphorical for a second, it represents us removing the bouncers from outside the VM club, pulling down the "alpha - warning, experimental" throwing the doors wide open and welcoming one and all inside. As not only are we now in beta, but public beta so you no longer need an invite code, if you haven't signed up yet, just hop over here - registration page and you can get started straight away.

We'd like to thank our merry band of dedicated alpha testers who've provided so much feedback and support in the last few months. You've been an outstanding help and while this is not the commercial release, so there will still be bugs and issues we're sure that with your help we'll get them fixed up real quick.

We're also releasing a new build today, which fixes a few issues and makes some minor improvements like:

  • Fix to prevent CDMA devices always requesting VM password on reboot.
  • Fixed keyboard disappearing when locked device rebooted.
  • Introduced SIM monitoring option.  This behaviour can now be disabled in the Options menu, although we don’t recommend it.
  • Added non-GSM detection before adding/removing SIMs from the white list.

More info on what's changed and what known issues we have will be in the Version History page once the new build has been rolled out.

Posted: 3/30/2009 5:36:01 PM by

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