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Android Backup, many great reviews

June 16th, 2010 - Sprite Software, the world's leading backup and security developer for mobile devices, is Tested.com's backup product of choice, because of it's Secure Online Cloud Backup, and completeness of content.

With the addition of truly secure online backup, Sprite Android Backup has come of age. We've been having more great reviews, and they just keep on coming. Here's one of our recent the latest ones we found from Tested.com. They recommend Sprite Android Backup for it’s completeness and ability to connect to cloud powerhouses Box.net and Dropbox for cloud backup of all of your important stuff.

It is good to see our Android Backup fills in the obvious gaps, Google hasn’t solved. Use it in conjunction with Android Migrate, Android Mechanic and Android Terminator, to enjoy the most powerful security phone collection available.

Check out their full review here.

You may have seen the rest, now try the best.

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