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Sprite Mobile + Box.net = Enterprise

July 5th, 2010 - Sprite Mobile, the world's leading backup and security developer for mobile devices is proud to announce a partnership with Box.net. Sprite’s device management software helps thousands of enterprise companies daily, with industry leading backup, device management and anti-theft products.

The partnership with Box.net, will deliver compelling resources for device management in the enterprise space. Leveraging Box’s sophisticated cloud content management solutions; Sprite enterprise/OEM customers will experience unprecedented visibility, security and control of their valuable content and devices.

"Traditional enterprise software is still rooted in the old desktop-centric paradigm, where users are limited by desktop software and discouraged from sharing 'beyond the firewall.' With Cloud Content Management, we're bringing the seamless content delivery experience of the web to the workplace, making it as easy to share documents and media with colleagues or business partners as it is to share a YouTube video or photo on Flickr" said Box.net CEO, Aaron Levie.

"Imagine being able to offload all of your data to the internet, where you could then access it from anywhere at anytime. Or, even better, you can synchronize your files to your webdrive so that in an emergency you will have a backup copy available. Sounds appealing … Box.net does that!" 


“It is an understatement ‘people are dependent on their phone in business today’. Most enterprise/SOHO customers store all their important contacts, calls, sms, calendars even photo’s on their incredibly portable devices. The concern is what happens if you lose your device. How much pain is there to get the data back, or to prevent others from accessing your very personal information." - Julian Rayner, CEO

“We are excited to partner with strong emerging enterprise focused companies like Box.net. There are many important issues relating to device churn, security, data protection and device management that Sprite Mobile is able to solve."


About Box.net

Founded in 2005, Box.net provides cloud content management for over 4 million users and companies ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Box.net's dynamic, flexible content management and collaboration solution empowers users to access and share content online, and gives IT professionals unprecedented visibility into how content moves within their organizations and beyond. Content on Box.net can be shared internally and externally, accessed through iPad, iPhone and Blackberry applications, and extended to OpenBox partner applications such as Google Apps, NetSuite and Salesforce. Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, Box.net is a privately held company and is backed by venture capital firms Draper Fisher Jurvetson, ScaleVP and U.S. Venture Partners. For more information, visit www.box.net

About Sprite Mobile

Sprite Software provides solutions to help individuals and businesses to assure the security, availability, and integrity of their information. Founded in 2001 by the creators of the industry-leading cloning solution now known as Symantec Ghost, businesses and consumers turn to Sprite Software as the defacto standard for the protection of critical information stored on their handheld devices. Sprite Software is the global leader in backup and security solutions, and is shipped by the leading Windows Mobile and Android handset manufacturers.

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