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Android Backup Beta Is Out

You have been requesting it for a while, and now the first beta is out.  Sprite Backup is officially in beta on the exciting Android platform.  As with our Windows Mobile client, we are dedicated to ensuring your data is protected in the easiest manner possible.  There will be numerous updates in the coming weeks, as we add much needed data protection to Android.

We need you.
Over the next month, Android Backup will have many features, currently being tested, rolled out into our beta program.  We need more eyes, and fingers to test all the exciting features, and provide feedback to shape this fledgling release.  Especially needed are passionate power users, who can stress our application to breaking points.  So please visit our support pages, and sign up now... free copies of Backup are up for grabs.

Language translations.
Sprite Backup for Windows Mobile is currently in 25 languages, we would like to do the same for Android.  Contact us today if you can help.

To install the latest version of our beta simply start the 'Market' application on your phone and search for 'sprite backup'.  Then follow the instructions. Please note that the beta version will expire on 9 October 2020

Our Android Backup FAQ is located here 


Initial Android Backup getting started pdf guide is here

Release history can be found here

Contacts us with suggestions, or if you can help,


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